Friday, October 6, 2017

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Learning to 'shop

Struggling to learn Photoshop now... Am a little better with Lightroom after using it for a few months, but I have not used Photoshop until a few days ago. Tried to fix this photo I shot at Tanglin car park and decided to get rid of the distracting twig.

The top part is not too bad, but that bit near the wing is a nightmare! Very shoddy Photoshopping at the moment. See if any of my so-called sifus can make time to give me a PS 101 class this weekend.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Not bosan in Busan

This is my favourite shot from Busan. Taken from across the street, long exposure to capture the cars whizzing past. 

Went for a holiday to South Korea in August and I have tons of photos, but I think I will only upload a few. No point boring people with my holiday photos, right? :) 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Monday, February 27, 2017

Sunset in Bukit Beruntung

Wow... have not uploaded for so long! Been really busy with work and stuff, not much time to fool around. This photo was taken en route home from Fraser's Hill after the Bird Race. It was a good outing :) 

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Post Processing

The not-so-much-fun part of photography, I have discovered, is post-processing. It's fine if you have miraculously captured something that is so spot-on, it needs little processing like this one.
However, much of the time, you get things which are "ALMOST THERE" and you have to fiddle with it to get the whole thing right. 

It's one thing for your friends to gush about how pretty your photos are. But the guys at Getty's are not going to pay you a single red cent for blurry, vignetted photos like this.
It's good enough for Facebook, but even your local photo club guys aren't going to pay much attention to it. And at the end of the day, after creating awareness etc, you need the photos to pay for your gear. 

Right now I'm struggling to find a suitable Photo Editor which won't cost me extra money. One came with the camera and I've installed it on the netbook, but it's rather slow and I suspect the netbook is ill-equipped to handle the workload. 

I'm used to using Microsoft Photo Editor which can do most simple editing like cropping and brightening, but it's not much help with underlit, grainy photos etc. And it can't handle RAW files. 

Lightroom is a favourite among photographers, it seems, but I would need to pay a monthly subscription. It's not too expensive, but again, it jams up the netbook, and I can't install it on the office computer because Mr IT guy blocks every freaking thing. And right now, it's not a great idea to pay more money for a new laptop. Yes, I HAVE thought about it :P

There's an online version of the Lightroom, but it's even slower than the desktop version. I now have like 4 days to decide on buying the thing or not. I suppose, I need to figure if I will ever learn how to use the thing correctly and if it is worth paying for at the end of the day. 

The other cost of photo-editing is TIME. Like seriously. I go shoot in the morning, stop by the mall for lunch and groceries, come home and conk out for a few hours. Wake up and do laundry + clean house + cook/eat whatever. THEN try to find time to edit the morning's bounties. With all the jamming I've had to deal with, it's a real pain. 

And I still need to spend time on "homework". Which is work I have not completed and brought home, with the intention of catching up over the weekend. 

At this juncture, my room and study are dusty and needs cleaning. Kitchen is a disaster zone and my job is on the line. I'd better stop now and get my act together. Ciao!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Angels on the Wing

A pigeon in the back alley. It was far away, so details are blurred. But I wanted the silhouette of the wings in flight. 
You can easily get photos of pigeons on the ground, but it's a little too mundane. Haha. 
I like this super sharp shot of a pigeon on the wall. Don't really like the posture though. But hey, they're wildlife, not models!

This fella has some attitude showing, strutting on the edge of the pedestrian bridge..
The weekend is almost here!! Happy, happy, joy, joy!!